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John Wall Workout

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John Wall – Guard for Washington Wizards

Largely considered the future of the NBA, John Wall is next to impossible to guard. He grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina where he started displaying his phenomenal basketball skills at an early age. He helped his team win the high school state championship in 2008 and was considered the number 1 prospect in the country. Unable to enter the draft to the age restriction changes made by the NBA, John decided to play for Calipari at Kentucky.

In only his first year, he helped the Wildcats reach the elite eight in the March Madness tournament. His incredible skills landed him a spot on the All American first team and he was selected as the SEC Ball Player of the Year in 2010.

In 2010, shortly after his first season, John Wall entered the NBA and was chosen first overall by the Washington Wizards. His astounding vertical leap and series of in-game highlights continue to make him a fan-favorite. Wall’s coaches consider him a huge potential because of his work ethic and drive to be the best.

John Wall Basketball Workout

When it comes to his workouts, Wall has come to understand that the NBA is very different from college.

Asked in an interview what the biggest difference was, he said:

“In college, most of the time you work out at night. You might try to slide something in during the day, but you got time management, class, tutoring, practice… you know. In the NBA, basically it’s your job. Right now we got workouts, last week we had rookie camp, but overall, you just got a lot of time to yourself.”

When asked who works him the hardest, he claims he’s the hardest on himself.

John never goes less than 100% in the gym. He understands that everything needs to be done at game speed.

Wall get in the gym early to begin his day with cardiovascular training. He likes to do some interval training as part of his cardio workouts to simulate game situations. For example, he’ll alternate 2 minute jogging sessions with 30s sprints to get his heart rate going. This technique allows him to raise his epoc levels with targeted epoc training.

Wall’s trainers design his programs to help him build around his astounding athleticism and ball quickness. They do drills with defenders to teach John how to get defenders off balance and how to read situations.

John’s main focus for the upcoming season is to improve on his shooting. He does a lot of drills with his trainer to improve this aspect.

Drill 1: He starts off at the three point line and takes 2-3 hard steps as the trainer passes him the ball. He rises and shoots. He takes 10 shots from 5 different spots.

Drill 2: This one works in reverse. He starts off in the key and backpedals 2-3 hard steps. This forces him to use more of his legs in his jump shot.

Drill 3: He starts at the half court line and sprints as hard as he can to the three point line. He gets a pass and rises and shoots. He backpedals to the half court line and sprints again to the three point line. He takes 10-15 of these jump shots.

It’s not easy to find players with a combination of talent and work ethic these days. Wall is always looking to improve his game. It’s going to be fun watching Wall continue to improve over the upcoming seasons with the Washington Wizards!

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